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Craft Coffee | Artisan Goods


OPEN: Sunday, 8am – 4pm

Monday, 8am – 4pm

Wednesday, 10am – 6pm

Thursday, 8am – 4pm

Friday, 8am -4pm

CLOSED: Tuesdays & Saturdays

21 East Chestnut Street, Washington, PA 15301

“You can do it.” -Coffee

“Water is the most essential element of life. Without water, you can’t make coffee.”


The Table Cafe has been a dream in the making for quite awhile. In fact, dreams are what we’re all about.

Coffee doesn’t just make itself. It starts as a cherry on a bush, and grows in finicky climates. A little too warm or a little too high in elevation and things just don’t go right.And it takes years of practice to extract the flavor of a perfectly roasted coffee bean. So if you’re enjoying a miraculous cup of coffee, you’re experiencing the result of dreams and hard work.

At The Table Cafe, you can come and imagine new possibilities, explore unique ideas, and dream your own dreams. And our hope is that our pursuit of excellence inspires you to pursue all that is in your heart to do.


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LOCATION 21 E. Chestnut Street, Washington Pa, 15301

PHONE 724-222-1140